Ulkotakka AK47 Ercole



Ercole is a wood outdoor fireplace with a bearing structure of steel and a circular concrete seating area.
With a strong visual impact the outdoor fireplace can be placed in different architectural contexts.
Contemporary or historical gardens, outside areas of hotels and restaurants, are the ideal places for enjoying the magic of fire with Ercole.
Not just the fireplace but also a seating area and a container for firewood which, when not in use, can also be a useful storage surface.
The Ercole outdoor fireplace is provided with a closing disk that covers the combustion chamber, so as to prevent residual material getting out in the event of rain or wind.

Concrete, Steel
Ø150 H41 cm / Ø250 H41 cm
Natural concrete cod. BIA150Z15 / Cod. BIA250Z15
White concrete cod. BIA150Z03 / Cod. BIA250Z03
Brown concrete cod. BIA150Z12 / Cod. BIA250Z12

KIT ( sold separately ):
Grill Ø51 cm – Cod. BAB051Z17 – Stainless steel ( x Ø150 )
Grill Ø94 cm – Cod. BAB094Z17 – Stainless steel ( x Ø250 )

Weight 310 Kg – Ø150 H41 cm
L120 W80 H90 cm

Weight 970 Kg – Ø250 H41 cm
L100 W73 H90 cm
L140 W140 H40 cm

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